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A good shopping session in Vietnam might start off with clothing, especially tailored suits and dresses made from quality fabrics including silk. Many women tourists also buy ao dai to fit their size. Traditional conical Vietnamese hats can be found everywhere, as well as such unique gifts as slippers, shoes, and handbags made from traditional materials like silk and bamboo. The tourists who love handicrafts, it is easy to find beautiful items such as lacquer ware, vases, trays, rosewood boxes, wood-

block prints, oil or watercolor paintings, blinds made from bamboo, reed mats, carpets, ceramics and leather work. For more valuable items such as art, antiques and jewelry

, you should know that some of these are subject to regulations governing the export of antiques. The trick of bargain is to bargain with a smile and to be polite, because in this way, you will probably get what you want at a price with which you and the dealer are both happy.