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Vegetarianism has become more widespread in the UK over the last few decades. The British breakfast generally consists of either cereal and toast with preserves or a fried breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and fried bread. The latter is known as a "full English/Scottish/Welsh breakfast", depending on where you are, or simply a "fry-up". In Northern Ireland it may be referred to as an "Ulster Fry". The Scottish variant may include haggis, and black or white pudding is sometimes included especially in the North. Chicken tikka masala with rice is sometimes claimed as the UK's most popular dish, though roast beef is a more traditional national dish. Reginal specialities include Black Pudding, Cheese, Cornish Pasty , Eccles Cake, Haggis, Lancashire Hotpot, Laverbread, Oatcakes, Pastie, Sausages, Smoked fish and Welsh Cakes.