Turkey Communication


Public pay phones can be found at the sides of central squares and major streets in towns and cities and around post offices (PTT), especially around their outer walls. There are also telephones available in some kiosks and shops where you pay cash after your call. Pre-paid mobile phone SIM cards can be purchased at the airport on arrival or from the many outlets in Istanbul and other large cities.


The sole official language of Turkey is Turkish. Turkish is an Altaic language and its closest living relatives are other Turkic languages. English is increasingly popular as a foreign language among the younger generation, though proficiency tends to be poor due to a lack of practice and exposure. Simple words and sentences would help you being understood. Don't forget to take a phrase book and learn some simple Turkish.


Almost every hotel, café, bistro, restaurant has their own Wi-Fi and share their internet with their guests. Access is usually free except in the more expensive international chain hotels.