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Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest wats in Bangkok, it's known also as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It built in the 16th century and regarded as the royal temple of the reign of King Rama I, and it's also regarded as the country’s first public university as when King Rama III ordered a restoration of the temple. Wat Pho is famous for two things, the 46-meter-long Reclining Buddha built in 1832 featuring the feet beautifully inlaid with mother-of-pearls that displaying 108 different auspicious characteristics of a Buddha and the Thai massage. Reclining Buddha lies on the northwest within the monastic area of Wat Pho, the image of reclining Buddha is 15m high and 43m long with his right arm supporting the head with tight curls on two box-pillows of blue, richly encrusted with glass mosaics. The temple is home to one of the earliest Thai massage schools. For Thai massage therapists, the medical inscription inside the temple acts as a base for treatment. In Wat Pho, the galleries extending between the four chapels feature no less than 394 gilded Buddha images, many of which display Ayuthaya or Sukhothai features.