Amphawa Floating Market Tavel Guide

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Amphawa Floating Market, this afternoon-only floating market is located near a temple, Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram, where parking is provided and there is no strong commercial atmosphere. If you’re in town on a weekend, plan your meals around this fun market where pàt tai and other noodle dishes are served directly from boats. The Amphawa Canal brims with boats loaded with drinks like O-Liang(Thai iced black coffee)and food such as fried sea mussels, pasta, noodles and sweets, and some support from the board even have BBQ. Bank-side wheelbarrows also offer goods for sale. Visitors can explore the market, tasting the local food, as well as hire a boat at night to watch as pretty fireflies light up the air. In 2008, the Khlong Amphawa community was granted an Honorable Mention Award from the UNESCO Asia–Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation as a result of its efforts to preserve the local culture and architecture.