Sri Lanka Food & Restaurants

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Sri Lankan food is an important part for their Culture. Eating will definitely be an unforgettable experience in Sri Lanka and the food is generally very cheap. With a large community of farmers, rice and curry is the main food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka curries are known for their fiery hot spicy flavors and coconut milk is very different feature of Sri Lankan cuisine that different regions of country have their own types of dishes. Curry convering a majority of dishes which are made according to distinct methods of cooking from soups, sea food, meat, lentils, sambols, vegetables, mallums, phies to achcharus. Kottu Roti that made of a medley of chopped roti, vegetables and your choice of meat is a must-eat in Sri Lanka. Other food that you can try are String Hoppers, Pittu & Kiribath. Something you should note that Sri Lankans eat with their right hands, you can try the Sri Lankan way to eat if you have interest. Hotels and rest houses along major roads throughout Sri Lanka have good restaurants, and will offer both Sri Lankan and Western menus. There are also many best restaurants to choose from in Colombo. Several fine dining restaurants at the 5 star hotels that offer both local and international food. They are found largely in western Colombo, more are located around Colombo and other major cities.