Sri Lanka Communication


Most Australian, UK and New Zealand mobiles use GSM, which works well in Sri Lanka, but US mobiles (except tri-band phones) won’t work. And local operators offer surprisingly cheap rates using your existing SIM card, it’s very cheaper to replace the SIM card in your phone with a new SIM from a Sri Lankan company.


Sinhala and Tamil are Sri Lanka’s two official languages. Sinhala writing is much more curved than Tamil, you better learn how to distinguish between the two. English is commonly used in most cities, especially Colombo, Galle and Kandy. In the beach and tourist areas you will have no problem in communicating with English, and signboards are often in English.


Most towns in Sri Lanka have at least one or two places offering internet access, either in proper cybercafes, communications bureaux or guesthouses. An increasing number of places also have wi-fi. All Sri Lanka’s telecom providers offer various mobile broadband packages if you have a laptop and need to be constantly connected.