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January 1:  New Year’s Day

January 6:  Epiphany


February 2:  La Candelaria

February 28:  Day of Andalucía


March 19:  St. Joseph’s Day

March 29–April 4:  Holy Week


April 5–6:  Easter (Pascua) Sunday and Monday

April 23:  St. George’s Day Aragón/Castile and León Day

April 21–26:  Feria de Abril

April 26–May 3:  Feria del Caballo


May:  Bullfights and zarzuelas all month long

May 1:  May Day/Labor Day

May 2:  Dos de Mayo

May 14:  Ascension

May 15:  San Isidro Day

May 17:  Galicia Literature Day

May 31:  Castile–La Mancha Day

May 24–25:  Pentecost and Whit Monday


June 3–7:  La Patum de Berga

June 4:  Corpus Christi

June 9:  Murcia/La Rioja Day

June–July:  Granada International Festival of Music and Dance

June 24:  Festival of St. John the Baptist


July 6–14:  Running of the Bulls

July 25:  Feast Day of St. James

July 28:  Institution Day


August 15:  Assumption Day ; also Verbena de la Paloma

August 15–21 (likely):  Gràcia Festival

Late August:  Festival of St. Bartholomew

August 26:  Tomatino Festival


First week of September:  Festival of Pedro Romero

September 5–6 (likely):  Autumn Sherry Festival (

September 8:  Asturias/Extremadura Day

September 11:  Catalunya National Day

September 15:  Cantabria Day

September 23:  Festival of St. Tecla

September 24:  La Mercé

September 25  Little San Fermín

September 25–29:  Feria de San Miguel


October 9:  Valencian Community Day

October 12:  Spanish National Day

Late October–November:  International Jazz Festival


November 1:  All Saints’ Day

November 9:  Virgen de la Almudena


December 3:  Navarre Day

December 6:  Constitution Day

December 8:  Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 13:  Feast of Santa Lucía

December 25:  Christmas (closures)

December 31:  New Year’s Eve