Spain Entertainment

In Spain, people under 18 (16 inAsturias) are forbidden to drink and buy alcoholic drinks. But no age restriction imposed to enter bars, although children and teenagers often will not be served alcoholic drinks. It's common to see an entire family at a bar. The time to go out for drinks usually starts at about 11 p. m. -1 a. m. Before that, people may have some tapas, eat a dinner out, or stay at home with family. People usually go to pubs( which closed at 3:30 a. m. ), then go to the clubs until 6-8 a. m. If you want to dancing, you will find that most of the clubs are relatively empty before midnight and most won't get crowded until 3 a. m. After a night of dancing and drinking , they usually have a breakfast of chocolate con churros with friends before going home.