Gyeongbokgung Palace Tavel Guide

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  • Gyeongbokgung Palace Tavel Guide

Gyeongbokgung Palace was the first royal palace built by the Joseon Dynasty that located at the heart of newly appointed capital of Seoul. It also represented the sovereignty of the Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest one of the Five Grand Palaces, served as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Geunjeongjeon is the throne hall of the palace where the king was formally briefed by his officials, issued proclamations, and greeted foreign envoys and ambassadors. It was also the central venue for various grand ceremonies. Gyeonghoeru is located next to Geunjeongjeon. Its architecture is so highly prized because it is situated on an artificial island in the middle of a rectangular lake with three stone bridges stretching out to the palace grounds. Hyangwonjeong was constructed by order of King Gojong on an artificial island in a lake and was connected to the palace grounds by a bridge. Gwanghwamun is the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace. It is comprised of three arched gates called Hongyemun with the middle gate reserved for the king and the other two for his officials.