Bukchon Hanok Village Tavel Guide

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Bukchon Hanok Village sits between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, two palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. Unlike other hanok villages, Bukchon was not only created for tourists but also is a living village inhabited by Seoulites, there are about 900 hanoks spread across 11 dongs. The most famous part of Bukchon Hanok Village is Gahoedong-gil in the 31 which amazes tourists with the sight of hundreds of hanoks clustered together in midtown Seoul and with the stunning panoramic views over the city from the top of the alley. Rakgojae is a guesthouse for international tourists which means“enjoying the arts of scholars in the old days”. It is surrounded by walls and has a spacious courtyard with modern facilities, pine trees and bamboo. The village is increasingly important as a center for culture and the arts. There are a number of museums of traditional Korean culture including the Gahoe Museum, the Han Sangsu Embroidery Museum, the Museum of Korean Art and so on. Tourists can also learn about the brewing process of soju(distilled liquor) and makgeolli(raw rice wine) in the traditional liquor brewery.