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The Portuguese hold many cultural activities, indulging their appreciation of art, music, drama, and dance. All most every cities and towns have a museum and a collection of ancient monuments and buildings, or at least a cinema, some venues to listen to music and locations to see arts and crafts. In the larger cities the theatre, concerts or galleries of modern exhibitions are popular.

Traditional architecture is distinctive. The most famous style would be Manueline, also known as Portuguese late Gothic, a sumptuous, composite Portuguese style of architectural ornamentation of the first decades of the 16th century.

As one of the earliest Western literatures, Portuguese literature developed through text as well as song. José Saramago is the particularly popular and distinguished one, recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Portugal also has a rich history in painting. The first well-known painters can be dated back to the 15th century and were part of the Gothic painting period.