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Mount Victoria is a prominent hill (height 196 metres) to the east of the centre of Wellington. It is the best lookout in Wellington, provides stunning 360 degree views of Wellington City, the harbour and the ocean to the south. Mt. Vic is also part of the Wellington Town Belt, and its a great place for walking, jogging and mountain biking.

Mount Victoria was used twice as a location in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The very first footage on the project was shot off Alexandra Road on 11 October 1999, called the "Get off the road" scene. Followed by the "Escape from the Nazgûl" scenes a few hundred metres to the North. Later an old quarry at the top end of Ellice Street was used as the Rohirrim camp at Dunharrow.

Government House, the home of New Zealand's Governor-General, lies on the slopes of Mount Victoria to the south of the Basin Reserve, between Mount Victoria and Newtown. The Hataitai Bus Tunnel and the Mount Victoria Tunnel (SH1) run beneath the ridge, connecting the central city with Wellington International Airport, Evans Bay and the Miramar Peninsula.

Mount Victoria takes about an hour to walk up from Courtenay Place. Many tourist buses go there but also a lot of the locals, especially at night to 'watch the view'.