Amsterdam Money


The currency of the Netherlands is the euro (€), divided into 100 cents. There are euro notes of €500, €200, €100, €50, €20, €10 and €5, and coins of €2, €1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c and 1c.

ATMs are easy to access in every city, town and large village in the Netherlands and give instructions in a variety of languages. . All major credit/debit cards, including American Express, Visa and MasterCard, are widely accepted in most shops, restaurants and cafés, as well as in ATMs.


Tipping isn’t a custom here. But you are expected to leave something if you have enjoyed good service – up to around ten percent of the bill should suffice in most restaurants, while taxi drivers may expect a euro or two on top of the fare.

Tax Refund

If your purchase amount is over €50, you will be able to have a tax refund, The VAT rate here is 21%. Ask a Tax Free Form when paying for your purchases, stamp it and cash it at the Refund office.