Amsterdam Communication


It can be very expensive to use your own SIM card due to "roaming" charges. You can buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card which is relatively cheap. Lca, lebara, ortel and vectone are providers that specialize in cheap rates to foreign countries. Low-cost dialaround services such as Qazza, BelBazaar, pennyphone, SlimCall, telegoedkoop, beldewereld, teleknaller are directly available from any landline in the Netherlands.


Dutch is the national language. German is widely spoken in areas bordering Germany. French will be understood by some as well. Immigrant languages, such as Turkish, Arabic, Sranan-Tongo and Papiamento, are prominent in urban areas. Almost all people there speak fluent English as English education is offered from an early age. In this case, travellers to the major cities are easy to make their way without learning a word of Dutch. However, it probably require learning a bit of the native tongue to deal with seniors.


Internet access are offered almost everywhere. Many hotels in the city offer wifi free of charge for guests. Plenty of coffee houses and cafés also offer free wifi to their consuming guests.