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Nepal has not developed a characteristic fashion of cooking. Food generally consists of lentils and rice, Dal Bhat which may also be eaten with goat, buffalo or chicken. The Nepali national meal is daal bhaat tarkaari. It is essentially spiced lentils poured over boiled rice, and served with tarkari. An exception is Newar cookery, which can be very sophisticated and spicy. Dishes comprise spiced vegetables, chapatis and tsampa, which is a raw grain, ground and mixed with milk, tea or water. Sweets and highly spiced snacks include jelabi, laddus and mukdals. Regional dishes include gurr, a Sherpa dish of raw potatoes, minced with spices, then grilled like pancakes on a hot, flat stone. Indian fare has a very high influenced on Nepal gastronomy and is evident in all its cuisines. Beef is forbidden but still can be obtained for a high price in some expensive restaurants. Some dishes include momos, a meat or vegetable filled dumpling often served with beer, and Tibetan Bread and Honey a puffy fried bread with heavy raw honey that's great for breakfast. But note that many small restaurants are not prepared to cook several different dishes, try to stick with one or two dishes or you will find yourself waiting as the cook tries to make one after another on a one-burner stove.