Nepal Communication


There are two main mobile operators in Nepal. Government run NTC, and private Ncell. Both operators allow tourists to buy SIM cards for about NPR200 in Kathmandu and most major towns. Landline and mobile phone services are available in Nepal. Network covers Kathmandu, major cities and towns and most of Nepal, except some rural Himalayan places. Hotels and private communication centers also provide long distance telephone and fax facilities.


Nepali is the official national language and serves as lingua franca among Nepalis of different ethnolinguistic groups. Derived from Sanskrit, Nepali is written in Devanagari script. Many Nepalis in government and business speak English as well. The major languages of Nepal are Nepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang , Nepal Bhasa, Bajjika and Magar, Doteli, Urdu and Sunwar. In addition, Nepal is home to at least four indigenous sign languages.

*useful phrases


Subha Bihani-Good Morning

Shuva Ratri-Good Night

Tapailai Kasto Chha?-How are you?

Malai Thik Chha-I am fine

Dhanyabad-Thank you

Malai maaf garnuhos/gara-I'm sorry

Pheri bhetaulaa-See you again

Pachhi bhetaula-See you later

Malai thaha chaina-I don't know

Maile bujhna sakina-I don't understand

Yesko kati rupaiyan parchha?-How much does it cost?

Ma yo kinchhu-I will buy it

. . . ma kasari jane?-How to go to. . . ?


Internet is widely accessible in Kathmandu. There are countless Internet cafes and communication centers in the Valley and around the country. Wi-Fi services are also provided at various hotels and restaurants if you tune in and ask for a password or host a hub in your cell. Tourists only have to find a place they are most comfortable in to use the facilities to keep in touch with home. Internet services are also offered by hotels.