Morocco Money


The local currency is the Moroccan dirham(MAD). There are 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, MAD1, MAD2, MAD5, MAD10 coins, although coins smaller than 20c are rarely seen these days. Notes are available in denominations of MAD20, MAD50, MAD100, and MAD200. ATMs can be found near tourist hotels and in the modern ville nouvelle shopping districts. Major credit cards are widely accepted in the main tourist centres. They often attract a surcharge of around 5% from Moroccan businesses. The main credit cards are MasterCard and Visa.


Tipping is an integral part of Moroccan life, almost any service can warrant a tip. Don’t be railroaded, but the judicious distribution of a few dirham for a service willingly rendered can make your life a lot easier.

Tax Refund

The VAT is a non-cumulative tax levied at each stage of the production and distribution cycle. Suppliers of goods and services must add VAT to their net prices. The standard VAT rate is 20% and applies to all suppliers of goods and services. You can get tax refund when shopping at stores that displaying Global Blue Tax Free Shopping signage for at least 2000MAD. The maximum to be refunded in cash is 5000MAD, or the equivalent in Euros or US Dollars.