Badi Palace Tavel Guide

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Badi Palace is a ruined palace located in Marrakesh, the palace is nowadays a well known tourist attraction. It was a medium sized edifice in the middle of which lays a huge yard occupied by pools and indoor gardens. On each side of the patio, there were domes, secondary palaces and rooms. It contained onyx of all colors and marbles as bright as silver or completely black, the capitals of the columns were covered with molten gold or fine gold leaves. The floor was paved with beautiful polished marble tiles and finely cut;the coatings of walls covered with tiled mosaics simulated an intertwining of flowers or a richly embroidered coat. Finally, the ceilings were encrusted with gold and the walls, decorated of the same metal, were also adorned with splendid sculptures and elegant inscriptions carved out in the most beautiful stucco. In a word, it is a kind of earthly paradise, a wonder of the world, the epitome of art.