Morocco Entertainment

A country of maze-like medieval quarters, dizzying outdoor bazaars and ornate mosques, Morocco naturally bursts with entertainment. When night beckons, you can revel in Moroccan culture at a softly lit jazz lounge or join in the mad stomping of modern dance clubs. You might even find a traditional Moroccan performance to experience more culture, though theaters with plays are uncommon. Whatever type of entertainment you prefer, major cities are the places to seek such entertainment as you bid the day farewell. If escaping the African heat and giving your feet a well-deserved rest are your first priorities, an unusual place to relax, on a trip, at least is the cinema. Most films are either in Arabic or dubbed in French. Though clubs rarely play Moroccan music, you can tap your foot to piano music and jazz at many cozy nightclubs in the cities. If your feet are ready for another pounding, you can meet locals and dance until dawn at Morocco’s nightclubs. Gambling is prohibited among Muslims, but you can still find a few casinos in Morocco. For admittance, trade your jeans and sneakers for smarter attire, such as a formal suit or jacket.