Mexico Safety

Areas close to downtown are safer to walk at night, especially on the "Plaza", "Zocalo" or "Jardin" and areas nearby. Stay in populated areas, avoid poor neighborhoods, especially at night, and don't walk there at any time if you are alone. Avoid taking the subway at late hours of the night, but the day is safer than taking the public bus, your major concern in the subway are pickpockets; so keep your important belongings and wallets in a safe place. In Night Buses, use of a money belt (worn underneath the clothes and out of sight) is highly recommended.

Most crime in the northern cities is related to the drug trade and/or police corruption. However, exercise caution in any major city, especially at night or in high crime areas. Note that travel to Ciudad Juárez should be undertaken only for very important reasons and with extreme caution.

Emergency number: 066