Petronas Twin Towers Tavel Guide

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Petronas Twin Towers are stunning sight and must-see and also an impressive icon of Kuala Lumpur, these twin towers used to be the tallest buildings in the world and are a real gem. They are visable from just about everywhere in the city, and dominate the night sky. Besides as the landmark of KL, these shimmering stainless steel–clad towers is the headquarters of the national oil and gas company Petronas. Standing 452 metres tall, contain a total of 88 floors, and there is Suria mall inside the towers that merchandise ranging from cheap brands to luxury brands. In addition to shopping, there is a Petronas exhibition hall which is a game of scientific knowledge and endowed exploratorium. The double-decked Skybridge at the Petronas Twin Towers is one of its major draws, offering amazing views of the city, visitors need a pass to enter the bridge, but please note that since a limited number are issued each day it is useful to get there early as queues can be long. Apart from allowing tenants of the towers to move from one building to the other without having to go to ground level, it also functions as an emergency exit route.