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National Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and it has a capacity of 15000 people and is situated among 13 acres of beautiful gardens, it was built in 1965 and a bold and modern approach in reinforced concrete, symbolic of the aspirations of a then newly independent Malaysia. Its key features are a 73-metre-high minaret and a 16-pointed star concrete main roof. The umbrella, synonymous with the tropics, is featured conspicuously-the main roof is reminiscent of an open umbrella, the minaret's cap a folded one. The folded plates of the concrete main roof are a creative solution to achieving the larger spans required in the main gathering hall. Reflecting pools and fountains spread throughout the compound. Rising above the mosque, minaret issues the call to prayer, which can be heard across Chinatown. Non-Muslims are welcome to visit outside prayer times and robes are available for those who are not dressed appropriately.