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Shopping in Kenya couldn’t be any better. When traveling around, you will come across a variety of arts and crafts, many of them reflecting regional traditions and designs. What you will find most are textiles, batiks, soapstone&wood carvings. Bead-work and traditional utensils made out of gourds are also very popular, but Kenya’s most important artisan traditions are ironwork, metal jewelery and basket ware. The largest selection of handicrafts can probably be found at the Maasai Market which rotates and can be found at different locations within Nairobi. The city and town centres usually have markets that sell curios such as African drums, old brass and copper, batiks, soapstone knick-knacks, carved chess sets, and large wooden carvings of animals or salad bowls carved from a single piece of teak, mninga or ebony. When you are shopping in Kenya, bargaining is almost always the order of the day. To approach this with a sense of humor and a friendly attitude is your best option.