Kenya Entertainment

While local Kenyans idea of a night out might not be dancing the night away in nightclubs and bars, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like making the most of their hours of darkness and fun is still had once the sun goes down. If you plan to go on safari during your stay in Kenya, your nights will be spent on a camp where nightclubs will be a long way away, and nightlife includes listening to the night time telegraph of the nocturnal animals of the wild. Instead you should be treated to something far more memorable and spend the night enjoying locals perform traditional dances. If this is all too tame for you, larger cities like Nairobi and Mombassa will satisfy the needs of the party animals as they are home to bigger nightclubs which go on until the early hours of the morning. Some hotels have discos on their premises, as do some hostels which present an different option if you don’t feel like travelling far for some late drinks. Nairobi, Mombassa and Malindi all have cinemas playing English-speaking films if you plan on catching a movie.