Tokyo Skytree Tavel Guide

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Tokyo Skytree has reached the height of 634 meters to become the highest freestanding broadcasting tower in the world. Construction is being completed steadily for its opening approximately one year from now. It has become a new famous place in Tokyo, and stands on the center of old-fashioned Edo culture including food, entertainment, and items made by craftsmen. Tokyo Skytree is also expected to help create a new town that skillfully mixes old downtown traditions with modern culture. It is designed in an original color, “SKYTREE White”, representing harmony with the surrounding scenery. There are 2 lighting styles, “Iki”, the spirit of Edo, and “Miyabi”, its aesthetics, that operate alternately. They express the concept that “today” is connected to “tomorrow”, and beyond tomorrow expands the “future”. Rising 350 meters above the ground, the TEMBO DECK(350m) is covered in huge 5 meter-high glass for a 360-degree all-round view. And TEMBO GALLERIA(450m) will take you from the “floor445” to SKYTREE's highest “floor 450” via a glass tube, it will let you feel that you are walking in the sky.