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As South Korea is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination, you might want to visit pages talking about specific provinces/cities, although an excellent starting point is Seoul. Karaoke or noraebang is popular and hard to miss wherever you go in metropolitan cities. You can also learn martial arts such as the famous taekwondo, hapkido, and the dance-like martial art taekkyeon. Jeju-do, in particular Hallasan, and other mountains within the mainland, such as Jirisan, Seoraksan etc are excellent places for hiking or trekking and taking pictures. You can also go snowboarding or skiing in the Kangwon-do province. The city of Boryeong in Chunchungnam-do hosts a Mud Festival that has become a fun pastime in mid-July. Participants drench themselves in mud and take part in everything from mud wrestling to body painting. The Gyeonggi-do and Kangwon-do province has plentiful water amusement parks, such as Caribbean Bay in Yongin-si, Ocean World in Hongcheon, with a more Ancient Egyptian setting, and Ocean 700 in Pyeongchang. Korea's nightlife is also colorful too, you can get drunk in many kinds of bars or clubs, or you can just go out to drink and eat at the many Korean grillhouses found throughout the city.