Japan Communication


You can use your mobile phone in Japan in SoftBank Mobile or DOCOMO's 3G service area. All you have to do is bring your own SIM card and insert it to a rental phone or your own 3G handset. For more details, please check with your local mobile phone service provider. Rental phone service is also available upon arrival at Narita Airport or Kansai Airport. Public telephones accept 10 yen and 100 yen coins or telephone cards.


Japanese language influenced by China and North Korea. Now, the Japanese residents, including foreigners, most people can speak Japanese in varying degrees. English is one of the items in the Japanese national education standards, but because of the Japanese phonetic will bring [a] [i] [u] [e] [o] five vowel phonetic features, foreign language effects and the Japanese lack of retroflex and other factors, led to Japanese pronunciation of English less standard.

*useful phrases

Ohayou gozaimasu! Good morning!

Kon'nichiwa! Good afternoon!

Kon'banwa! Good evening!

Oyasumi nasai! Good night!

Sayounara. Goodbye.

Sumimasen. Excuse me.

Gomen nasai. I am sorry.

Wakarimasen. I don't understand.

Arigatou. Thank you.

Hai. Yes.

Iie. No.


In Japan, you will find many Wi-Fi signals which you can enjoy browsing the internet. Please note they often require a password for security reasons. Also, most accommodations are internet-ready, but you might sometimes find a wired internet connector in your room. In such case, please use a wireless travel router. If your budget allows, hiring a mobile hotspot device at the airport is another good option, you can use it in any areas the mobile covers.