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Devon House is famous for an ice cream shop, and is a representative of Jamaica architecture. The house built in 1881 by Jamaica's first black millionaire George Stiebel, has Jewish ancestry. When he gained his wealth in Venezuela through investing in gold mining, he returned to Jamaica to buy the 99 real estate, including 53 acres of land in the parish of Saint Andrew. In 1881, he and his housekeeper together, built the Devon House.

Devon House has beautiful palm trees and gardens, and a fountain in front of the house. The building is very elegant, like a fairy tale world, and is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Jamaican-Vernacular style of architecture. The main building Mansion still houses many impressive pieces of 19th-century furniture, and you’ll discover one of Kingston’s most acclaimed restaurants on the terrace, Norma’s, with the wonderful blends of traditional Jamaican cuisine. Beside the Mansion, you’ll find 13 stores including craft shops, boutiques and two restaurants. Of course, you must not miss a household ice cream shop, which has 27 flavours and no one can resist the delicious taste. It has also become Kingston's most famous dessert. There are also a sweet-smelling bakery and pastries shop - the Brick Oven, and a popular Sunday Brunch - the Grog Shoppe.