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Jamaica has one of the world-famous "cultural", that is reggae music, and its founder is the Bob Marley. People say that because of Bob Marley, Jamaica was known to the world. Today, the "father of reggae music" well known as Bob Marley has become a national symbol of Jamaica.

Bob Marley Museum is located at 56 Hope Road. Its courtyard is decorated with simple semicircle gatehouse, central inlaid with a smiling photo of Bob Marley. A Bob Marley sculpture located the yard, his right hand raised high toward the sky and left hand holding the guitar, eyes closed, as if the very fondly singing, which has become a tourist must-see places to take pictures.

This is a 19th century building, covered by the basic colors red, green and yellow, and every detail related to the bob and reggae music. In 1975, Bob and his wife, Rita completely bought this house, and spent the last six years of his life in here. His own label “Tuff Gong” also moved here, so the house is his studio. There are some items and prints in the house, including his used furniture and recording equipment, as well as almost all reggae vinyl records. His car also in the yard. December 1976, in a "smile Jamaica" concert eve, five gunmen broke into the backyard and crazy fire. Fortunately, Bob and his wife Rita is only minor injuries. Today, you can still see the bullet holes in the walls.

There also have a theater, a gallery, a gife shop and a cafe shop. Visitors can buy T-shirts, posters, CDs and other Bob Marley memorabilia as well as items from Jamaica, or you can enjoy sumptuous meals.