Jamaica Communication


Country code: +1-876

Jamaica has three mobile operators – Cable and Wireless, Digicel and Oceanic Digital. If you have an unlocked cell phone, buy a local SIM card is , or you can buy a cheap mobiles. Prepaid cards sold at most gas stations and grocery stores, denominations from JS$50 to J$1000. Remember bring your ID when you buy it.


Although the official language is English, but actually Jamaicans prefer to speak Patois. It's based on a combination of African languages and Native American words. At first you might not get used to, but just get a few key words and phrases correctly is the trick. When Jamaicans speak English, they often have a very thick accent, so it is more difficult to understand than Patois.

Some Patois words and phrases:

Wha’appen?/Waah gwan? – What’s up?

Nuff – Plenty

Bashment – Excitement/Party

Rhaatid! – Wow!

Walk Good – Good bye, take care, safe travels

Bankra: Basket made from straw or wicker

Blabba mout : Person who talks too much

Cho-Cho: Small pear-shaped vegetable often cream or green in color also known as chayote

Criss – Pretty, fine or okay

Finnicky – Flighty; jumpy

Nyam – Eat

Bickle – Food

Idren – Friends

Brawta – A little extra


In cities and towns, most libraries and hotels offer wired or wi-fi internet access, but also has local Internet cafes. However, it is still restricted in remote areas.