Italy Safety

The crime you'll come across as a visitor to Italy is Pickpockets and bag-snatchers. Reduce the chances of this theft by wearing a money belt (with money, passport, credit cards and important documents) under your clothing. Don’t flash anything of value, keep a firm hand on your camera, and carry shoulderbags slung across your body to make it harder to snatch them. If your hotel has a safe, use it.

Parked cars, particularly those with foreign number plates or rental-company stickers, are prime targets. Never leave anything valuable in your car, and try to park in car parks on well-lit, well-used streets. Car theft is a problem in Rome, Campania and Puglia.

In case of theft or loss, always report the incident at the police station within 24 hours and ask for a statement, otherwise your travel-insurance company won’t pay out.