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There is no doubt that Rome is one of the most charming city in the world. Rome is the capital of Italy as well as the Province of Rome and the region of Lazio. With a history over two and a half thousand years, Rome owns wonderful palaces, beautiful fountains, amazing historic ruins, classic statues, and opulent monuments.

With so many wonders in Rome, you can seek history in the museum, toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, put your hands in Bocca della verità, or give your breath to the Colosseum and the Pantheon. This city is just like a giant exhibit halls, you can find whatever you want here.

Masterpieces of architecture are everywhere. You can just walk around the centre and come across these without effort, symbol of Rome Empire’s Colosseum, highly appreciated Pantheon , and Michelangelo designed St. Peter’s church.

Eating and drinking well is another way to find Rome. Foods and wine are so important to Roman that restaurants are crowded in the city centre. There are something you definitely give it a try :delicious Spaghetti, sweet ice cream, fascinating pizza, and a croissant and cappuccino with a fragrant aroma.