Athens Communication


Vodafone-Panafon, Cosmote and Q-Telecom/WIND Hellas operate the mobile phone networks in Greece. You can buy a pay-as- you-go SIM card, if you stay Greece for more than a week or so. However pre-paid calling cards are the cheapest way to call someone abroad. For one euro you can call for about 45 minutes, so buy a card in the cheapest value (which is about 3 euros). Calling someone for half an hour is cheaper than sending one email from an internet café. Cards expire usually 90 days after first use. You can also use this pre-paid calling card at public phone boxes, which are widely available.


Greek is official language of Greece. But as most people speak English, there is no communication problem here.


There is Free WiFi in the Anthens Eleftherlos Venlzelos International Airport, which is limited to one hour, with no promise of security. However when your time is up if you shut down your computer, you can log back in for another hour.

Most hotels and an increasing number of cafés offer free wi-fi internet access to patrons. Rates at internet cafés tend to be about €2–4 per hour and any town or major resort will have at least one.