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Located in Schwabing, The Englischer Garten, or English Garden is the green heart of Munich . With an area of 3. 7 km2 , the Englischer Garten is one of the world's largest urban public parks, larger than New York's Central Park or London's Hyde Park. It was created in 1789 by Sir Benjamin Thompson (1753–1814), later Count Rumford (Reichsgraf von Rumford) and extended and improved by his successors, Reinhard von Werneck (1757–1842) and Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell (1750–1823). It is a wonderful place to relax by enjoying a beer in one of several beer gardens, by strolling along the creeks and lakes or just by enjoying the sun on the lawns. Several historic follies lend the park a playful charm. At its southern end an artificial standing wave has been created in the Eisbach Creek where you can watch surfers exhibiting their skills.