Sibelius Park Tavel Guide

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The Sibelius Park is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957), who wrote music for the glorification of his own people and in defiance of the oppressor, Russia. There is a famous monument in the park, named as Sibelius Monument, which was designed by Eila Hiltunen and unveiled on September 7, 1967. It consists of series of more than 600 hollow steel pipes welded together in a wave-like pattern. The purpose of the artist was to capture the essence of the music of Sibelius. The monument weighs 24 tonnes (24 long tons; 26 short tons) and measures 8. 5 × 10. 5 × 6. 5 metres. A smaller version of the monument is located at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. A work with a similar concept, also designed by Hiltunen, is located at the grounds of the United Nations headquarters in New York City.