Finland Communication


The largest operators in Finland are Sonera and Elisa . Vectone Mobile offers prepaid sim-cards and low international call rates. You can ask at any convenience store/R-Kioski for a list of prices and special offers.


Finnish and Swedish are two official language of Finland. In big towns, many people you meet as a tourist speak passable expect some elder people. So don't be hesitate to ask for help.


Terve/God dag /Hello

Hyvää huomenta/God morgon/good morning

Näkemiin/Hej då/Goodbye

Anteeksi/Ursäkta!/Excuse me.

Puhuisitteko hieman hitaammin?/Var snäll och tala långsammare. /Please speak more slowly

Missä on vessa? /Var är toaletten?/where's the toilet?

Paljonko tämä maksaa?/Hur mycket kostar det?/How much is this?

Kiitos/Tack/Thank you.


Wifi hotspots are also increasingly common. Internet cafes are sparse on the ground in this country. Free internet access is also available, either at the tourist office or local library.