Czech Republic Money


The currency of the Czech republic is the koruna. The currency code CZK is often used internationally, but the local symbol is Kč (for koruna česká). There are six notes - in denominations of 100 Kč (aqua), 200 Kč (orange), 500 Kč (red), 1000 Kč (purple), 2000 Kč (olive green) and 5000 Kč (green-purple) – and six different coins – 1 Kč, 2 Kč, 5 Kč (all stainless steel), 10 Kč (copper-colored), 20 Kč (brass-colored) and 50 Kč (copper-colored ring, brass-colored center). koruna is divided into 100 haléřů.

Some major stores (mainly bigger chains) will accept Euros, and it's also fairly common for accommodation providers to quote the price in Euros. At shopping areas along the Austrian border and petrol stations in the whole country change is given in Euros, but supermarkets and similar stores in downtown Prague (and probably other cities) return only Kč, even though they accept euro.

It is illegal and usually scam to exchange money on the street. Local people exchange money in exchange offices in less frequented areas, such as around the "Politických vězňů", "Opletalova" or "Kaprova" streets. You also can get a better rate by using ATMs instead of changing cash. Major stores and petrol stations throughout the country accept Visa and EC/MC, as do all the tourist stores in Prague.


Tipping is usually 10%, and is not normally added to the bill. It is normal practice to give the waiter the tip before you leave the table. Tip is not obligatory so if you weren't satisfied with services offered, don't bother tipping.

Tax Refund

If you are a non-EU resident and spend more than 2. 001 CZK on a purchase, you can claim a refund when you leave. A value-added tax of around 21% is slapped onto just about everything in Italy. The refund only applies to purchases from affiliated retail outlets that display a ‘tax free for tourists’ (or similar) sign. You have to complete a form at the point of sale, then get it stamped by Italian customs as you leave. You can have the refund back in cash or to your credit card.