Czech Republic Communication


Three main mobile phone operators offer GSM standard. However, the pricing schemes are usually quite complicated and some investigation may be necessary to find the ideal solution (even with the prepaid cards, operators offer various schemes including various additional 'packages'). GPRS and EDGE is widely supported, 3G networks support is in every bigger city (provided by O2, Vodafone and T-mobile). The fourth operator uses some custom standards and you have to buy special hardware from them. Also there are lots of virtual providers (Mobil. cz, Blesk Mobile, Kaktus).

There are still some telephone boxes available, but they are gradually vanishing since the advent of mobile phones. Some still accept coins, but most of them require special prepaid telephone card.


The official language is Czech. The Slovak language can also be heard. Czech people are very proud of their language, and thus, even in Prague you will not find many signs written in English (outside of the main tourist areas). It's good to learn some Czech before your arrival. However, most Czechs speak a second and often a third language. English is the most widely known, especially among younger people, as it has been taught in most schools since 1990.

Dobrý den!/Hello! (Good day!)

Děkuji. /Thank you.

Není zač. (Prosím. )/You are welcome.

S dovolením. /Excuse me.

Mluvíte anglicky?/Do you speak English?

Nemluvím česky. /I don't speak Czech.

Nerozumím. /I don't understand.

Kde je autobusové nádraží (autobusová zastávka?)/Where is the bus station / bus stop?

Zahněte doprava (doleva. )/Turn right ( left).

Máte mapu města?/Do you have a map of the city?


Wifi is available in many restaurants and most cafés, especially in larger cities. In particular, all branches of Starbucks, KFC, Gloria Jeans Coffee and Costa Coffee offer free access. There are also some hotspots available on the streets and some city quarters (for example in Prague) offer free wifi coverage for everyone. In most larger cities, there are also several internet cafés available.