Cuba Entertainment

Cuba entertainment is a worldwide phenomenon, and Cubans are born with the entertainer within. Cuban Jazz, percussion, ballet, and more have evolved into a uniquely Cuban strain, and whatever mix your vision desires. Cuba has a lot of carnival. Carnival has always been an expression of shifting power negotiations among various aspects of Cuban society. However, among Cubans, the Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba enjoys a special status.

Local bars are not that hard to find despite typically having no prominent signs displayed outside. There are two types of establishments you can go to to drink in Cuba: Western-style CUC bars with near-Western prices, a good selection of quality drinks and sometimes food, nice decorations, semi-motivated staff and often live music, typically found around tourist hot-spots such as Old Havana and tourist hotels. Here you will mostly meet other tourists, expats and a few Cubans with access to hard currency, but don't expect a 'local' experience. The alternative is to seek out local neighborhood bars where you can choose from a quality, but limited, mainly locally produced rum by the bottle, beer and soft drinks, very rarely will you be able to get cocktails such as mojitos, cigars of dubious and cigarettes of only slightly better quality, and sometimes snacks. These bars are also a good way to meet locals who may even open up a bit and talk about their lives after a couple of drinks.