The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum Tavel Guide

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  • The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum Tavel Guide

In Costa Rican history, gold was considered a symbol of authority. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum (Museo del Oro Precolombino) is a great place which is showcases the use and function of the pieces, the technology of their fabrication, and their relationship to the natural world and the daily life of these societies.

The museum is divided into two levels with a substantial collection of over 1600 artifacts of Pre-Columbian gold dating back to AD 500. The collection includes Costa Rica's first coin, the Media Escudo which was minted in 1825, animal figurines, amulets, earrings and El Guerrero, a life sized gold warrior figure adorned with gold ornaments in a glass case.

After visiting The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, you can also visit The Museo Numismático (National Coin Museum), located in the same building, including coins, banknotes and unofficial items such as coffee tokens.