Costa Rica Money


The local currency is the colón (CRC). Money exchange is provided at most banks, and it is recommended to do so at the state banks, especially the Banco Nacional, since they have lower rates. Money exchange at the airport is outrageously expensive. Using the US dollars is quite common. In the tourist setting, almost everything is priced in dollars, but sometimes prices are cheaper in colones.

ATMs can be found in most places. They normally dispense US dollars and colones. If you've got a MasterCard try the ATMs in the AM/PM supermarkets, they give you up to 250, 000 colones. Another option is the ATH-ATM. Pay on Credit Card and traveler's checks are rarely used.


Some suggestions:

All restaurants: around 10% service to the bill

Hotel: between 150 - 600 colónes a day

Airport luggage porters: about 500 colónes per bag

Tax Refund

Sales tax (the equivalent to VAT) stands at 13% and is levied on all goods with the exception of foodstuffs, medicinal products, and certain other items.