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Costa Rican cuisine is a blend of Spanish, South American, Caribbean, Native American and many other cuisine origins. One national dish is gallo pinto ("spotted rooster"), eaten at breakfast with eggs and sour cream. Fried plantains and either corn tortillas or bread are also common. Other typical dishes are arroz con pollo, olla de carne, tamales, and casado. Some examples of side dishes are pasta salad, vegetable salad, fried eggs, potatoes, spaghetti, or barbudos (green beans wrapped in egg batter).

There are some regional differences, such as the Caribbean side of the country has gallo pinto with coconut milk. However, the north-western part of the country has a strong tendency towards corn products and for large, cheese filled tortillas, corn snacks, and other dishes.

A typical drink here is called Aguadulce (means "sweet-water"), which is a hot drink made of water and Panela. A common drink is called "Cacique" ( or "guaro"), which is made from fermented sugar cane. It is similar to vodka, and is usually drunk with water and lemon. Refrescos or simply frescos are beverages made from fresh fruit, sugar and either water or milk, and all sodas serve these. There are approximately 8 different national beers, the most common beers are Pilsen and Imperial.