The Palace Museum Tavel Guide

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Lying at the city center and called Gu Gong in Chinese, it was the imperial palace for twenty-four emperors during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and now is one of the most popular tourist attractions world-wide. It is to the north of Tiananmen Square, rectangular in shape, it is the world’s largest palace complex and covers 74 hectares. Surrounded by a 52-meter-wide moat and a 10-meter-high wall are more than 8700 rooms. There are unique and delicately structured towers on each of the four corners of the curtain wall. It is divided into two parts, the southern section, or the Outer Court was where the emperor exercised his supreme power over the nation, the northern section, or the Inner Court was where he lived with his royal family. The Palace Museum is open to tourists from home and abroad. Splendid painted decoration on these royal architectural wonders, the grand and deluxe halls, with their surprisingly magnificent treasures will certainly satisfy modern civilians.