Badaling Great Wall Tavel Guide

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  • Badaling Great Wall Tavel Guide

The Great Wall is a symbol of Chinese civilization, and one of the wonders that the Chinese people have created. Badaling Great Wall is the most representative part and the most well- preserved section of the Great Wall. Streching about 7. 5 miles with 43 watch towers, this section with an average altitude of over 1000 meters was once the outpost of the Juyongguan Pass. The wall is tortuous like a strong dragon winding along the steep mountain ranges. The strategic geographical features make it an age-old military stronghold. As a landmark erected at the top of a group of mountain ranges, Badaling has also witnessed many significant events in history. Now, it stands still there recording the hardship and bitterness that Chinese people have endured in the past 2000 years, it is a priceless cultural heritage of humanity. As the earliest part of the Great Wall opened to tourists, Badaling has drawn tens of millions of tourists both from home and abroad.