Austria Communication


Austria has a large number of cell network providers including A1, T-Mobile, Orange (former called One) , Drei (3G), Telering, Tele2, Bob, Yesss and Vectone Mobile. Bob , Yesss and Vectone Mobile are probably cheapest prepaid mobile providers. If you want to have an English instructions on purchase , an online vendor(www. telestial. com) may have you a lot.


German is Austria's official language and used in education, publications, announcements and websites. In the parts of Austria bordering Italy like the Tyrol, Italian is widespread. English is widely spoken, and the only area most tourists have linguistic problems with is in translating menus. In rural places, however, people older than 50 often don't speak English, so it can help to learn a few basic German phrases if travelling to such places.

Ja. /Yes.

Nein. /No.

Entschuldigen Sie bitte. /Excuse me.

Danke. /Thank you.

Können Sie mir helfen?/Can you help me?

Sprechen Sie Englisch?/Do you speak English?

Entschuldigung. /Pardon me.

Das verstehe ich nicht. /I don't understand.

Bitte, sprechen Sie langsam. /Speak more slowly, please.

Wo ist die U-Bahn?/Where is the subway?

Ist das Trinkgeld inbegriffen?/Is the tip included?

Wieviel kostet das?/How much does that cost?

Gibt es hier eine öffentliche Telefonzelle?/Is there a public phone here?


Internet cafes are available in bigger cities. And many hostels and hotels have wi-fi.